Thursday, March 10, 2011

social networks = addictive?

So recently, my boyfriend has created a Twitter account.  At first I was like… okay, whatever… good for you.  Within the short period of time that he has been on the Twitter network, he has become ADDICTED!! He tweets about everything, including our relationship (which totally freaks me out) and our quality time together had dwindled down to nothing!! Why?? It was bad enough when it was just tweeting from his laptop, but now he tweets nonstop on his phone!!  This is a problem.

A few nights ago, I was over at his place and we were watching a movie.  CORRECTION: I was watching a movie while HE was watching his Twitter feed.  I asked him questions such as, "Do you like this movie?  Did you see what just happened?"  only to get responses such as, "Yeah. Huh?? Oh right, right."  He CLEARLY was not paying attention to me OR the movie!  I expressed my annoyance about his new found love, and said that I felt like he would rather hang out with his "followers" than his girlfriend (which I was TOTALLY serious about).  After assuring me that I was over reacting and that it wasn't as bad as I was making it out to be, I left to go home.  I decided to check out his Twitter page to see just how "bad" it really was (Twitter keeps track of how many Tweets you have).  I can't even tell you how mad I was when I realized he tweeted about the conversation we were having WHILE WE WERE HAVING IT!!!!!!!!!  BIG big problem.

Has anybody else ever been through this????

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  1. I haven't been through anything quite like this but I know exactly what you mean. I myself use twitter and I'll tweet maybe 2-3 times throughout the week. I do check it every night before I go to bed however because it's a great way to find out about new music coming out or what actors current projects are. But I am following a few people I know, simply because they followed me first, and they'll often tweet 40-50 times a day. And none of it is interesting. I often wonder if they're even enjoying the Bulls game they're attending when they're updating their twitter every 3 minutes